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Fast, accurate, and secure transcription services.

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Our 4-step process guarantees maximum accuracy.

1. Transcription

The submitted files are divided into sections and transcribed by a selection of professional transcriptionists.

2. Review

Transcriptions of the sections are carefully reviewed for general quality assurance before proofreading.

3. Proofreading

Experienced editors proofread sections. Timestamps and speaker tracking are added.

4. Quality Checked

Review and several edits enable us to offer top quality and accuracy to meet the accuracy of 99%.

What you will receive.

Clean Transcripts

Transcription services include the removal of uhs, ums, false start, and stutters at no extra charge.

Searchable Files

You'll receive an archive of your audio and video recordings in a text format. We transcribe all file formats, including MP3, wav, etc., and convert them to .doc, .docx, PDF, or Txt files.

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Accuracy is important to us. We proofread every document.

With fast turn-around time and competitive-priced transcription services.

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Echo Transcript Services 99% Accuracy Guarantee

We want you to be as satisfied as possible with your transcripts. That’s why we provide a 99% accuracy guarantee on transcripts with good quality audio that we do not deem difficult. In the rare case that a transcript for good quality audio is not 99% accurate, we will redo it at no extra charge.

Echo Transcript Services Accuracy Guarantee

What do we consider difficult audio?

Frequently Asked Questions

We transcribe files in the following digital audio/video formats: M4A, MOV, MP2, MP3, MP4, MP4, MSV, AIFF/AIF, AMR, AVI, CAF, DSS, DVD, DVF, QuickTime, WAV, WebEx, WMA, and WMV.

Let us know if you do not see your file type on the list let us know so we can look into it and add it on.

Files are sent to us through our website, via our secure server. Audio files are deleted from our server once the processing is complete. Additional information regarding data security is available upon your request.

We will email your file in Microsoft Word format. If you need it in another format, let us know in the comments section (Add transcriber instructions) along the file you upload.

We do not ask for any payment up front.

You will get a notification email when your transcripts are complete and ready for you to download. At that time, you can log into your account, pay for your transcripts with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express accepted) and once payment is made, your transcripts will be emailed to you immediately.

Yes we do! We have a customer loyalty discount program.

★ 2500+ minutes receive 5% off every order
★ 5250+ minutes receive 10% off every order
★ 10000+ minutes receive 15% off every order

Yes, we would be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. We can also supply one upon your request.

Yes, we do include speaker names. However, if we are not provided with instructions or names, your transcript will indicate who is speaking otherwise we use Speaker 1, Speaker 2, Speaker 3, etc.

There is a small charge if there are more than three speakers.

Yes we do, for a small charge.

We offer 2 types of timestamp placement. You can choose between having a timestamp every 2 minutes or every time the speaker changes in the audio file. You can request timestamping during the upload process.

We remove filler words (Clean Verbatim) from all of our transcriptions by default.

You can request  to have “Full Verbatim” transcription on the file upload questionnaire.

Yes you can, if we think any of these applies to your recording, we will contact you and offer to clean up your audio for an extra fee before we start transcribing them.
Poor sound quality can lead to transcription errors. excessive background noise, noises in the recording process, and not enough volume.
Other factors that complicate transcription: more than one speaker, multiple people speaking at the same time, group discussions, fast speaking and industry-specific terminology.

Kepler Solutions guarantees 99% accuracy on good quality audio with up to three speakers.

We do not guarantee accuracy on files of difficult quality; however we always do the best we can, and our clients are always very pleased with the outcome.

In the rare case that a transcript for good quality audio is not 99% accurate, we will redo it at no extra charge.

All client information and their data is hosted on a private secure server. Additionally, we are a well-structured transcription company with strict privacy policies in place for the protection of our clients. 

Our clients ask us how we can charge up to 80% less than our competition for transcription services and still be in business.
Well, for starters, we watch our expenses closely, research our promotions heavily and ensure every advertising dollar pays for itself. We streamline our systems and do not spend money on lavish office space or expensive furnishings.

We also believe in transparency. There are no tricks in what we do, just sound, old-fashioned, reliable business principles. We do not mislead our customers with low-rate advertisements and try to upsell higher-priced packages. We list our prices on the website, where clients can create quotes or signup for our services. There are no hidden fees or surprises.

Finally, we want to build long-term relationships with our clients. Satisfied clients are our livelihood because they refer other clients like you. We are a small company with a large number of satisfied clients.